Across the world, there is a growing demand for reliable electricity and added pressure on the global power industry to develop cleaner, more efficient solutions as the demand for renewable energy and electric vehicles increases. Our integrated approach delivers full life-cycle support to help clients meet those challenges. Our understanding of the big picture and expert industry allies allows us to deliver holistic energy solutions from generation and storage interconnection, through utility grid improvements to commissioning.

From concept through completion, we provide the necessary services to help our clients meet their objectives. We act as an extension of our clients’ staff, protecting their interests as our own. We specialize in serving both public and private clients with extensive expertise for a variety of industries, national governments, the U.S. Military, and more.

Charging Infrastructure Non-Wires Alternatives

To overcome the challenges presented by the limited charging infrastructure across communities our experts will provide a framework to effectively develop infrastructure. Create future earning opportunities for utilities and other third parties willing to invest in public charging stations.

Regulatory Compliance

Our highly specialized and skilled team of consultants and advisors will help your organization address challenges and manage the complexity of enterprise compliance for regulated industries.  To help shift business needs and emerging regulations with complete confidence, we will build your organization’s compliance programs to help overcome whatever challenges are presented.

Distribution System Integrity

As the landscape in energy consumption in expanding communities evolves, our consultants and advisors understand how new technologies and advanced computational methods can help transmission and distribution companies better support consumers, save money, reduce risk, and improve the reliability of their critical assets.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our analysis shows that serving stakeholders if done correctly, can be a source of competitive advantage. We believe serving all stakeholders is an ethical good and that companies should seek to maximize their stakeholder impact.

Program Implementation

From project initiation through execution and capability building, our consultants will work hand-in-hand with your team to ensure quick ramp-ups, on-time delivery, and sustainable change.

Project Management

Our project management consultants offer innovation and bring specialized skills and knowledge to assist your organization in making the best possible business decisions. We provide oversight and leadership in executing projects from planning to completion.

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